The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

This is supposed to be a travel blog, but there are a few common themes that come into every post: food, near death experiences, or anxiety induced awkward encounters.  Honestly, that can pretty much sum up my entire life.  So, it can come at a surprise to my readers (and even myself), when I say: Our trip to Cabo San Lucas was pretty uneventful.  Of course, there were amazing views, a really cool excursion, and total relaxation.  BUT there were absolutely no weird or awkward mishaps to report back.  

*DISCLAIMER: I hesitated to write “absolutely none”, because I can’t speak for people interacting with me.  However, reporting from my end, things went pretty smoothly. 

Therefore, I apologize in advance if you only come here to boost your morale about your own personal weirdness.  I’m only going to show you photos of the cool excursion we went on to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.  

Here is Dylan’s shocked face to that news:

Dylan in Cabo San Lucas

Closer image for emphasis:

Dylan in Cabo Surprised

Cabo Excursion

After the madness of 2020, we wanted a very low key getaway.  We have other plans for the rest of the year, but we literally could not wait to get on a plane after our vaccine.  So we found ourselves booking an easy holiday weekend from LAX.  

Since it was quick and easy, we didn’t want to clutter our agenda.  Therefore, we ended up booking only one excursion.  But it was PERFECT!  

Glass Bottom boat

We spent the morning cruising around the very southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.  Our captain and tour guide showed us iconic Cabo landmarks like Lover’s Beach, The Arch, Pelican Rock, and literally the southern most rock.  Honestly, I don’t know that the photos do the rocks justice.  The views were to die for.  Oh, and we saw A TON of seals and sea lions!

*Note: if you get sea sick due to big waves.  Take dramamine!  The ride was definitely rocky. 


Avid blog readers: you know….this is where I would normally tell some traumatic half snorkelling/half drowning experience.  However, I DID IT.  I snorkelled and only panicked a couple of times.  I remembered to breathe through my mouth, talk myself into being calm, and even saw some fish.  Umm, I may have worn a life jack and will be forever jealous of Dylan’s cool action shots…..but BAM. It was “smooth sailing”. 

Heck, I was taken out by a wave and managed to find the surface without sucking down half the ocean.  This is such a huge improvement over Puerto Vallarta (if you need your fill of Sarah’s trauma, read about it here)


After our outing, we spent the rest of the day wandering downtown Cabo San Lucas.  We actually met new friends from the LA area and spent countless hours wandering into shops and taco stands.  In true “Sarah form”, I literally don’t know how much guacamole I consumed that day.  Miraculously, I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus every snack in between).  That has to be a record, right?

Anyway, I hope each of you get to enjoy a long holiday weekend in Cabo at some point.  If you are already headed that way, here is a link to our exact excursion!

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