If you have paid any attention to my travel presence online then you have probably heard about my complete meltdown in Chicago – full on toddler tantrum.  Over a doughnut.  In the middle of the street.  Traffic honking.  True story.  Well not entirely true….it was over the lack of a promised gluten free doughnut combined with hangriness.  So completely justifiable….  

Now “The Great Doughnut Crisis of 2017” is one of my favorite travel memories.  However, I learned a lot from that incident most of which boils down to a core belief of mine: Travel can make or break a couple.  So I figured, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I would reflect on the top reasons I believe couples should travel together. 

1. Your partner will see you at your worst

I will be completely 100% honest here: I will never be an Instagram Influencer that looks cute taking travel photos.  Not possible.  And I’m okay with this. 

I’ve seen some super cool things travelling.  However, this is normally after going 48 hours without a shower, forgetting my tooth brush on an overnight flight, or sweating profusely during a long day of hiking.  Not once was I concerned with my appearance in these scenarios.  Nor was Dylan.  He has literally seen me as my raw self….and he hasn’t seemed to mind.

2. We are not just talking physical appearance *worst* here

I mean, it can’t get much worse then the Great Chicago Doughnut Incident, can it?  (Answer: It probably can).  

In all seriousness, travelling puts you in close proximity to your partner for an extended period of time.  They will learn all of your ~quirks~ and ~bodily functions~.  I’m talking everything from throwing up over the side of a sail boat off the Amalfi Coast to your annoying dissatisfaction with all selfies taken.  

I mean, can someone please teach us how to take a selfie without us looking like Boomers on an iPad?? 

3. You learn how to solve problems together

We’ve been locked in a parking lot in a foreign country at 3 am, landed in Miami instead of Milan, stuck on top of a snowy mountain, and turned an hour waterfall hike into an 8 hour nightmare.  Needless to say, we have had our fair share of “adventures”. 

You will have mishaps, not just in travel, but in life.  Travelling allows you to witness how your partner deals with stressful situations and vice versa.  In the best relationships, you are able pull your “thinking power” together and learn to deal with the challenge ahead.   

These faces do not say "lost and eaten alive by Mosquitoes"

4. Compromise becomes apart of your vocabulary

Ah compromise, the thing we all hate to do.  So what happens if you want to spend all the vacation budget on a stupid expensive cave dining experience and they would rather forgo for a more conservative night under the stars?  You go with the cave dining experience, right? 😉

In all reality, learning to compromise is a huge part of a relationship.  Hopefully, you are both able to practice and improve during your travels.  Unfortunately, you can also quickly learn if the “effort scales” are not balanced.

5. Build a strong foundation

All the characteristics that I looked for in a relationship, I was able to encounter at it’s fullest during travel.  I also hope that he found the same in me:

  • Trust: trust in good intentions, with your darkest secrets, and that you can navigate your voyage together
  • Integrity: will they go back to pay when the cashier misses an item?
  • Communication: your evening meals are with each other not next to each other
  • Eagerness to learn: open arms, accepting behaviors, and respectfulness when visiting foreign lands 


Happy Valentine’s Day

Obviously I am not a relationship expert but I do know that the fondest memories I have is travelling with Dylan.  So above all else, make memories 🙂

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and as always, Happy Travelling!