I 'm always mesmerized by falling water (is that weird?).  So when I visited Niagara Falls, I was so focused on seeing the largest waterfall in North America that I didn't consider anything else about the visit.  Surprisingly, there is


Have you ever walked into a room and literally had your breath taken from you? The shear beauty and atmosphere provided a sensory overload that you just froze until you could regain your composure? Like you were no where near


D o you know what gluttony feels like?  Like real true gluttony.  I'm not talking about the "I just had my third slice of pizza and might get heartburn later" gluttony.  I am talking about "waking up at 3am wishing


Security.  The necessary, yet annoying, part of travel.  Don't get me wrong, deep down, I love our TSA agents and are grateful for their presence.  However, I just want to get on with my vacation already! Here are some of