Airplane Snacks

There is no denying that I love food.  Anyone that knows me could tell you my two favorite things: travel and snacks.  Honestly, I should have been nicknamed Bourdain (but in reality I was “hoover” after the vacuum and how much I consumed).  

If you are new here then I think these photos sum up the relationship pretty well: 


In complete transparency, food has been a continual source of contention in my marriage.  I come from a long line of farmers and southern cooks.  Heck, my mom won so many State Fair competitions that she was invited to New York City to cook with Wolfgang Puck.  Let’s just say, we take food seriously.  

So, I have no Earthly idea what I did to deserve such lifelong punishment.  I married someone who only eats to survive.  Did you know people like this exist?  

When I first started dating Dylan, he only ate one meal a day – lunch.  That should’ve been a red flag for me. But no, I took it as a challenge to get this boy up to par.  Over the years, I can proudly say that he is up to 3 meals a day.  On occasion, he will even say that he ~enjoyed~ a meal.  See: “Dine in an Italian Cave” 

dylan eating
Proof that Dylan has eaten (photo taken in NYC)

This last week, despite all of the work that I have done on this subject, my world came to a screeching halt.  I was trying to pick out snacks to take on our upcoming trip when my husband had the audacity to question my choices.  He asked whether or not we could bring our travel snacks through security.  

Um, what?

I felt like an utter failure: a failure as a wife, a failure as a foodie, AND a failure as a travel agent.  How does my husband not know what snacks are allowed through security?  Do I not properly feed him?  Is our snackage insufficient?

So in order to not fail anymore of my clients, family members, or readers, I am dedicating this post to travel snacks.  I want to make sure you know what is allowed so you can be properly fed during your travels.    

TSA's Travel Snack rules

There is a GIANT list of what food you can and cannot take through airport security (here), but it pretty much boils down to one main rule: solid food is good to fly.  If you remember that then you don’t have to remember most of the specifics.  However, I will give a few more basics just to clarify some exceptions.  

Solid foods are ideal (if the food needs to be cold, freezer bags must be 100% frozen through security)
Liquids and gels must follow the 3.4oz rule if carried in your carry-on
Fruits and veggies are fine unless you are traveling to the US from an island (i.e. Hawaii, USVI, Puerto Rico)
TSA is cool with a live lobster but your airline might not be

I’m really not joking on that last point.  Here is the clip from the TSA website:       

TSA Rule on Live Lobster


All joking aside, I would recommend easy “eat on the go” type food.  I always think along the lines of protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, even candies.  

Pack your snacks in a clear plastic bag (especially if you do not have TSA pre-check).  I like to pack all snacks in a freezer size ziplock and place it on the top of my carry-on.  This serves two purposes: easy identification for TSA and easy access to snacks for me 🙂

Pro Tip: Skip snacks packed in aluminum foil. They tend to set off the xray machines

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As always, Happy Travelling!